Application security is like an ocean

It’s a huge world with fast flows, dangerous creatures and hidden caves.
But for us it is native home and habitat. Let’s look why.

Cyber Theft

Applications Downtime

Data Breaches



Security and privacy requirements are taken as a baseline design factors within software engineering process. Threat modeling is performed before creating a line of code to avoid outstanding security flaws.


Secure IoT

26B+ devices will be connected online by 2022. Hardware and software advances will make IoT security a fast-evolving area through 2021. Early adopters need to address security challenges exposed by insecure IoT platforms.


Application Security

Key success factors to run software security initiative:

  • Security practices embedded into SDLC
  • Specific security requirements
  • Integrated ecosystem: toolchain, knowledge management, metrics & measurements
  • Security Сhampion role
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Compliance Risks Fines Lawsuits Legal Costs Reputation Impact Brand Damage Lost of Trust Negative Buzz XXE CSRF SQLi DoS XSS CRLFi MitM XXE CSRF SQLi DoS XSS CRLFi MitM XXE CSRF SQLi DoS XSS CRLFi MitM Compliance Risks Reputation Impact Fines Lawsuits Legal Costs Brand Damage Lost of Trust Negative Buzz View reasons


Software security risks are common for all industry verticals and will remain the most painful trend exponentially increasing over the years

Growing scale
of complex software
software platforms
Legacy vulnerabilities
in widely-used libraries
and frameworks
Intentionally introduced
software backdoors
Immature software
development processes
Lack of security skills
within software
engineering teams

Company profile

Swordfish Security is designed as software DevSecOps boutique with focus on services helping Сlients to make their software ecosystem safe and secure.

Our offering

  • Create and help to execute end-to-end solutions for software delivery organizations
  • Build security-rich, scalable applications and services for Digital Banking, e-Commerce, ISV and IoT domains.

Why Swordfish Security

Why Swordfish Security

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Why Swordfish Security

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    Why Swordfish Security×
    1. International team of working across the globe
    2. 50+ software engineering professionals
    3. Proven track of complex software development and consulting engagements within SQA/DevOps domain
    4. Access to exclusive expertise due to niche-player positioning
    5. High-end service delivery through concept of software DevSecOps boutique

    Company profile

    • IoT Security CoE launched

    • ALM framework for secure development introduced

    • Global Financial Institution

      End-to-End application security engagement
    • Technology Industry Company

      Development of IoT smart lights management solution
    • New engineering office in Eastern Europe opened: Sofia, Bulgaria

    • Swordfish Security @RSAC 2015

    • Top US Retailer

      Launch of software security initiative
    • IT Security ISV

      Web filtering tool development
    • Official Veracode partner

    • Secure Mobile Apps CoE launched

    • Software Security Out-of-the-Box offering is introduced

    • IT Security ISV

      Development of Heartbleed network scanner
    • Telecom provider

      Software security for mobile applications
    • Top US Retailer

      Introducing software security awareness program
    • Founded: June 1st, 2013

    • Headquartered in New York, NY, USA

    • Delivery Center in St. Petersburg, Russia

    • Sport Event Organization

      Web applications audit
    • Global Technology Industry Company

      Static analysis tools development


    1. DevOps practicies implementation.

      QA automation at scale.

      Our expertise include software engineering for web applications and mobile services, cloud-based solutions, embedded apps and firmware.

    2. The Security Development Lifecycle is focused on reducing amount of vulnerabilities introduced during software development process and consists of security practices organized into domains. These practices form essential foundation of security-rich solution being designed and constructed.

      Our highly-customized and flexible software security management platform enables continuous, scalable, secure integration of tools and ensures smooth rollout.

    3. Swordfish Security helps to establish foundation of software security initiative and scale up application security program within software engineering organization.

      At Swordfish Security we also consider continuous education process as essential part of SDLC strategy for engineering organizations which strive to minimize introduction of vulnerabilities in the applications.

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    Application Security for a Better World!

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